Welcome to Kol HaLev (“Voice of the Heart”) a Reconstructionist Community in Baltimore.

Join us in creating a contemporary Jewish community that balances intellectual and spiritual exploration with mindful living.

We are a warm, open, and inviting synagogue community in Baltimore, MD.

We invite you to find your own connection with Judaism, understand and explore boundaries, and create a more kind, just, and respectful world.





Our membership is active.

You can engage in a modern Judaism that is personally meaningful and alive in our everyday experiences.



Children enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Children enjoy our innovative educational programs and develop Jewish identity through community, spirituality, and culture.



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Our programs for adults and families are born from the values and needs of our diverse membership, creating a vibrant and creative Jewish home.



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Join us for learning and enrichment, celebration and uplift, inspiration and guidance, comfort and solace.




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Spring Learning with Rabbi Geoff

Between Passover and Shavu'ot (the Omer period) we will be reading Pirkei Avot together.  There are six short chapters, and we will adhere to the tradition of studying one per week over lunch on Shabbat, beginning Saturday, April 26 through May 31 at 12:30 p.m. in the KHL room. You will recognize some of the sayings that come from this collection.  "If I am not for myself..."  "The world stands on three things..." Come for Shabbat morning services, or join us for lunch and learning. 


Jewish Short Stories

Short stories offer us many windows into Jewish experience, packing wisdom, humanity, humor and surprises into just a few pages. Gail Lipsitz will lead a lively discussion of selected short fiction by outstanding contemporary writers.  Join us at 11:00 A.M. on April 27. PLEASE let us know if you will be attending by clicking HERE to register. The short story for discussion is by Dara Horn titled, "Shtetl World."

Unique Services This Weekend!

"Dances of Universal Peace"

Join KHL member, Rita Singer as she once again leads this unique service on Friday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m. Using some of the Jewish selections from the "Dances of Universal Peace," we will be singing and using simple circle dances to express prayer and celebration on this Shabbat. Experience the Shema and Kedushah in a new way, and see/feel the Light of HaShem shining bright in each of us. Bring a drum, if you'd like, or just sing along. No prior experience necessary! It was so much fun we want to do it again!

Magical Mystery Tour

The English words pray or prayer are very poor translations of the Jewish concept of what happens when we מתפלל (mitpallel) which is better rendered as "intercede on behalf of." Join Steven Silvern (your tour guide) on a Magical Mystery Tour that opens up a modern service to the Lurianic understanding of intercession. Thus, our work becomes effective intercession to make this world a better place.  The Tour leaves promptly at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 26, so come early to make sure that you don't miss important stops on our way.

Beit Lev


 (Kindergarten – 5th grade)

 Click to Register for the 2013/2014 (5774) School Year!

Beit Lev is Kol HaLev's educational program serving children entering Kindergarten through fifth grade. We have created a more open, non-assumptive environment with a progressive Jewish educational experience for our children...and their parents.


Our mission is to provide students and their families with an understanding of and sense of belonging to the Jewish culture. Following Reconstructionist practices, we aim to develop an identity with Judaism through a progressive approach that emphasizes community, spirituality and culture.



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