Welcome to Kol HaLev (“Voice of the Heart”) a Reconstructionist Community in Baltimore.

Join us in creating a contemporary Jewish community that balances intellectual and spiritual exploration with mindful living.

We are a warm, open, and inviting synagogue community in Baltimore, MD.

We invite you to find your own connection with Judaism, understand and explore boundaries, and create a more kind, just, and respectful world.





Our membership is active.

You can engage in a modern Judaism that is personally meaningful and alive in our everyday experiences.



Children enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Children enjoy our innovative educational programs and develop Jewish identity through community, spirituality, and culture.



We offer something for everyone.

Our programs for adults and families are born from the values and needs of our diverse membership, creating a vibrant and creative Jewish home.



We are growing.

Join us for learning and enrichment, celebration and uplift, inspiration and guidance, comfort and solace.




Be part of something larger, a voluntary group, an association with an invitation to commit and co-create your synagogue community.




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Memorial Service

The Bohn Memorial Service has been scheduled for Saturday, February 28 at 4:00pm. The service will be followed by an opportunity to stay and talk, share and comfort, with coffee, tea and light refreshments. 


Upcoming Events



Pie Palooza

 “Cut my pie into 4 pieces,
I don’t think I can eat eight.”
Pie Palooza.jpg
PIE PALOOZA 6 – “Pieces of Pie!”  
Sunday, March 8, 2015
 11:00 to noon

Torah Study

For those who wish to engage in Torah study, we will gather from 8:45a.m. to 9:45a.m. on Shabbat mornings to look at the weekly parashah in depth. With the help of the great commentators, and (or should I say, "including") each other, we will try to mine the Torah for any gems it may contain for us. No prior knowledge is required! (In fact, it may be a hindrance, for "knowledge is the enemy of learning.") To read Torah with fresh eyes and an open mind, week after week and repeatedly year after year, and to glean something different each time, is an age-old Jewish pathway to meaning and awakening. 
It has often been said, by me and others, that Torah is a map but that we are the landscape.  The stories of challenge and triumph, desperation and exaltation, blessing and curse...Torah is timeless in that in can be relevant to each of us no matter who or what or where we are in life.


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